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An easy to use podcast, radio, & audiobook app


Castbox is a completely new way to listen to spoken audio including podcasts, on-demand radio, and audiobooks. The search engine for spoken audio

5 Reviews
Francis Bea
Zhou Qi
Raymond Isaac Martinez
 +3 reviews
  • Zhou Qi
    Zhou QiProduct owner

    The best podcast app ever, and I really like the feature of in audio search, it is awesome. It is just an audio version Google.


    It doesn't contain any music stuff, I think it may be the copyright issue, but hope they can do it so I only need one application for my ear

    Cool UI, and almost all the content I can find on Internet, also I can switch to listen my podcast on Amazon Echo seamlessly, best podcasting experience ever.

    Zhou Qi has used this product for one year.
  • Francis Bea
    Francis BeaSenior Brand Marketing Manager

    clean ui, ease of use, made better with launch of in-audio search


    Would be great to see exclusive content on the app.

    Looking forward to using the in-audio search feature that CastBox just announced. Overall a great podcast listening app and the one I default to on iOS due to the library of content but also great usability features.

    Francis Bea has used this product for one month.
  • Raymond Isaac Martinez
    Raymond Isaac MartinezCo-Founder, TripSee.Travel

    Cast box is a great place to sync all podcasts you listen to. It's great because it keeps track of listened ones.


    UI still needs some work but it's coming along.

    More? You want more?

    Raymond Isaac Martinez has used this product for one year.
  • matt lambert
    matt lambertDirector, Conversationware Ltd UK

    Frictionless findability, acquisition and playback of podcasts. Putting podcasts in separate app (to music) makes sense


    Can't think of anything,and I have been using a few weeks.

    Happy to have found the right podcast app at last.

    matt lambert has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Best podcast app I've tried so far.


    I don't see any.

    I always use this app to listen to my favorite tech podcasts while driving long distances.

    Marc has used this product for one month.