Track your cash in menu bar

See your Stripe rolling revenue in macOS menu bar. All. The. Time.
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Wow. Very useful!
Oh, wow! This one is cool
@evgeny_teilor Thanks, man.
Nice and clean product! Any plans for GA, Paypal, App Store stats?
@arkadylukashov PayPal perhaps. GA and App Store are tricky. Thanks for asking
Jobe for have money
Hi all, Stas is here. As a serial SaaS maker, all I wanted is to see my rolling gross revenue (~monthly recurring revenue (MRR)). All. The. Time. It was also important to be able to deal with any payment issues promptly. No fancy charts, no gigabytes of RAM allocated for wrapper-based apps. I looked around and couldn't find a suitable (and affordable) solution. Long story short – with a little help from my friends at team – I got my very own app that tracks Stripe transactions. Now I can see Learning to manage your MRR anxiety is important. Yesterday Cashbar got its hour of fame at the front page of Hacker News, so I decided to post it here as well. One of the comments really stuck with me: "My first thought was "oh, this will contribute to already high anxiety levels", mostly because I remember how I reacted to MRR changes: - MRR went up a bit: "Great, we're on track" - MRR went down a bit: "THE END IS NEAR!!!!" At some point, I understood that it was Loss Aversion Bias [1] at play. Once I reframed MRR movements as something fluctuating and neutral, it lost all anxiety-inducing powers. So this might actually be fairly neat if the business owner has a reasonable approach to this metric." [1] Source: If you've got through to this point, thank you for bearing with me and here is your 50% discount: Thanks again team for making Cashbar happen.