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CasaOne is a contemporary furniture rental company -- we are reimagining a fragmented, old-school industry that has completely dropped the ball on serving urban dwellers who like to access and experience, rather than own, pretty much everything.

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  • Ravi ChopraOperations Manager

    Super fast, affordable, and convenient


    Not really sure. They cleaned up after and everything was pretty much perfect.

    Super nice delivery men, my furniture looks tight, i'm happy

    Ravi Chopra has used this product for one month.


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Shashank P SMakerHiring@shashank_ps · Building CasaOne.
Hi Product Hunt! Furnishing a home is time consuming, inconvenient, and expensive! But you can't do away with it. As millennials who move around a lot for work, for life, or just for the fun of it, we really wanted the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility that we have come to expect from some of our favorite products and services. When we saw that it was sorely missing in the market, we decided to build it. Thanks for hunting us, Kevin! We also thank the wonderful PH community and look forward to hearing what y'all think! Shashank
Varun Jain@shizzledizzle ·
Guys, this makes sense on so many levels!! Would've LOVED this while in London, when you'll hopping over the pond and do you'll see a clear evolution to renting vs owing in customer behavior?? What's next after furniture? :)
Shashank P SMakerHiring@shashank_ps · Building CasaOne.
@shizzledizzle Thanks, Varun. We are glad that CasaOne resonates with you. While we are currently operational in San Francisco and the Bay Area, we would love to be in London soon! We certainly hope more people take to renting -- well, we're biased :) It certainly makes sense for most people, especially young people, to invest in financial assets and not own things that depreciate rapidly. We'll certainly do our best to make the alternative (experience vs. ownership) very appealing. Hopefully, furniture goes the same way as home and car ownership. Currently, we have our hands full with furniture and we are only getting started. CasaOne is committed to expanding our furniture selection, offering various price points, and crafting a great rental experience.
Madhusudan KagwadMakerHiring@madhusudankagwad · Building CasaOne Furniture Rental
@shizzledizzle Thanks. Yes, renting definitely makes sense. We help you furnish your entire home in under 48 hours without you lifting a finger! There is no need to spend weeks in figuring out the right way to furnish home. Not owning furniture offers great flexibility and you can really focus on things that matter to you.
James Walsh@mr_j_walsh · Get press coverage -
Cool, you guys remind me of another startup in this space. Hope all goes well for you guys!
Madhusudan KagwadMakerHiring@madhusudankagwad · Building CasaOne Furniture Rental
@walsh_ldn Thanks!
Shashank P SMakerHiring@shashank_ps · Building CasaOne.
@walsh_ldn Thanks, James. We appreciate the kind words.
Nikhil Jois@nikhiljoisr · Co-founder, Eventosaur
I love the design of the site and how smooth the process is. I also see that you have a couple of job openings in Bangalore. Do you have any plans of expanding your offerings to Bangalore? All the best!
Madhusudan KagwadMakerHiring@madhusudankagwad · Building CasaOne Furniture Rental
@nikhiljoisr Thanks for your feedback on the design. We are always looking at ways to enhance the customer experience. Right now we are live in San Francisco and the Bay Area and exploring other opportunities as well.