Wearable that helps you ski

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For those of you that Ski this is a great product, Jamie and the team have been working on this for a while.
I loved skiing in my youth.. I haven't had a chance to go recently.. But this product has got me excited about skiing again! Q: Does the device have a built in GPS tracker?.. In case of emergency (avalanche) location/rescue requirement. Idea: Have you considered integrating your existing technology with a technology similar to Google Oakley's Airwave Goggles? (which are already GPS enabled).. To create a real-time visualization of the data your excellent product provides! Either way if not direct integration for real time corrections of form.. I believe these two technologies will work together well in separated combination of usage to enhance performance as well.. See here!:
@jay_bee12345 thanks for your comment. Carv uses the GPS in your smart phone. This allows us to make a smaller device with a long battery life. Funny you've mentioned the Oakley airwave. We're already working with the OS behind it (created Recon Instruments)! Recon have only just released BLE integration and things are a little clunky at the moment, but we hope to test the prototype Recon app this May.
Carv analyses your skiing technique in real-time providing feedback on the slopes and detailed analysis between runs
To me, the real-time Coaching feature appears to be the innovative breakthrough (and I really wish I had this last week during my trip out to Colorado). But in the long run, I could see gamification become the real stickiness factor as people race to top leaderboards, get achievements and compete with friends. Congrats to your team on your progress. Looking forward to following your launch!
@bradleyengel Thanks for the support. I started Carv as a way to correct myself from always leaning too far back. We hope Gamification keeps people engaged over the long term. We actually already have a ski app that incorporates gamification, you can check it out here:
What a great product innovation for adult skiers! What's more embarrassing than hitting the slopes for the first time with friends that have been skiing since 5 yrs old!
@daniel_roney thanks! Carv tracks mistakes many beginners make, such as leaning back. We also measure how parallel your skis so you can track your improvement.