Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

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Golden Kitty Awards
@goldenkittymeow · Golden Kitty Awards are happening Meow!
This product is nominated for a Golden Kitty Award in the Community Product of the Year category. Voting ends Sunday December 18th at 7pm PST, at that time the product with the most upvotes wins. See the original post here:
@ajlkn · Maker of stuff.
Wow, super honored to even be considered for this! Thank you :) For those of you not familiar with Carrd, here's the short-ish description I gave of it on my original post: It's a free service for building and hosting simple, responsive, one-page sites for ... basically whatever, be it a personal "business card" style site or a "coming soon" page with a Ma… See more
Tom Charde
@tomcharde · Brand + UX + Web Strategist
Been a big fan of Carrd since day one, and am surprised it isn't more well known by now. I hope the Golden Kitty helps spread awareness of this gem.
Jonathan Berkowitz
@jhb · Growth & Marketing, Captain Calm
So deserving of the nomination, been using Carrd for years and it is everything I've needed. Plus @ajlkn is the nicest guy too!