Social platform to send/receive message between vehicles.

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Hi All! Just a quick note about carplatez. Our idea is to use your vehicle's license plate as a way to send you a message. Licence plates are publicly available, are in front of your eyes every day, and it could be a fun way to interact between drivers! You can use it to: - send a message to another car owner - report or alert somebody (window pulled down, glass broken, flat tire...) - report a misbehaviour - meet new people! When you send a message to another car, if the owner is registered to carplatez, he/she will get the message. Your privacy is protected, because we will never share your details, unless you want to do so. We are still finishing with the development but we are already collecting people for early invites. Thanks! Christian (@pezzin) & Alberto (@albertomaldino)
I like this idea. I had this idea some years back, and wasn't sure how to accomplish it. The sticking point for me remains: how can I most easily/safely record a vehicle's license plate number while I'm driving? Taking a pic seems easiest, but then I have to grab my phone, open the photo app, aim, touch.... not safe. Maybe easier is to say, "OK Google," then, "Note to self, license place....". Still, I have to pull that up when I get wherever I'm going, decide to submit a message, etc.... By then, I'm likely cooled down from the incident, and I'll probably just skip it. How do you plan to handle this?
So, this just occurred to me: I use/love voice messaging service Peppermint. After I open the app, I just touch/hold on my contact person, speak, and when I release... voila, sent. What if, in Carplatez, I could hold up my phone, touch this app, have it automatically start recording video of the car I'm seeing, and I could speak my message, such as, "hey, dummy, you're driving like a fool," and then when I release, have it automatically send that to my email for later review/confirmation? Even better if the app could auto-OCR the license plate number from the video, and transcribe my spoken message, so all I have to do it hit "send" in the confirmation email.....
Hi @zefareu , thanks a lot for your feedback. We thought about this many times, and we could handle it in different ways. At first we thought about a usage of Carplatez not specifically while you are driving, for obvious safety reason, but with the suggestion you are making (speech-to-text or auto-OCR) that could work. Another way it could be integrated (but maybe in the future) is with Android Auto. In this way, the car itself has an app in it that would help you message another car, maybe the license plate of the recipient will be automatically identified by you dash-cam, and all these feature will be automagically and smoothly integrated between each other. But, for now, we need to start somewhere. :) Thanks again for your input, let us know if you have more ideas in the pipeline. CIAO! Christian