Real-time 3D maps & navigation data for autonomous vehicles

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Announced in this mornings Term Sheet by @eringriffith Speaking exclusively with Fortune, Gupta explains the company’s unique solution to the 3D mapping problem: It has partnered with delivery fleets to collect its data. In exchange for attaching sensors on top of their fleet vehicles, Carmera provides its partners, including storage startup MakeSpace, with video monitoring data and data analytics around safety and efficiency. (MakeSpace CEO Sam Rosen says he was so impressed by the platform, he personally asked to invest. “Carmera’s visual monitoring technology has allowed us to resolve and avoid incidents in a way that was simply not possible before,” he says.) Carmera emerges from stealth mode today with $6.4 million in funding from Matrix Partners with participation from Resolute Ventures, Notation Capital, Joe Montana, Bre Pettis, Semil Shah and others. Read more on the launch by Fortune here