The smartest app for menopause

Caria helps women have a healthier and easier menopause through a combination of symptom tracking, behavioral health, and data-driven insights.
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@richp_ Thank you so much! It was really important for us to design Clio thoughtfully. There's such a lack of well-designed products for Gen-X women - we're hoping for Clio to fill that gap. So glad to hear that you like it!
Wow! This is such an important product for women! Great design.
Awesome product for the important cause!
@kamil_roginski Thank you! We hope Clio can start a movement to normalize menopause - it remains one of the most underserved health issues that impacts every single woman. Thanks so much for your support :)
Love this idea! Such a beautifully designed app
@pkandikonda Thanks so much :)
A needed idea for an overlooked public!
@marinalaguilar Thanks! Hard to believe how few options women have when it comes to managing menopause. Time for that to change!