Cargo 2

Tools to design and build unique websites

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Ela Raciti
Jim McAuley
  • Jim McAuley
    Jim McAuleyphotographer

    Looks cool


    not very customizable, not very good customer support

    The new interface seems extremely limited in terms of customization. Very little flexibility to change code or do things outside of what's shown in the pre-signup showcase. They don't offer a trial period, and when you finally conclude that the service won't work for you - you've signed up for a year and they won't cancel the subscription because it took too long to figure the system out and you're past the refund period. Customer service was lackluster at best.

    Jim McAuley has used this product for one month.
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Jonno Riekwel
Jonno RiekwelHunter@jonnotie
This looks like a really simple website builder, but is much much more powerful under the hood. I'll be trying this for my new portfolio :) Have a look at their intro:
Scott Bowler
Scott Bowler@scottbowler · DCS Worldwide
Is this aimed at photographers and designers? Can't see any of these templates (which, quite frankly, stress me out as they're really cluttered) working in a business context
Arvind@humble_ent · CEO
@scottbowler Got to agree with you @scottbowler, I guess its only designed for photographers and designers who're trying to showcase their portfolio..
Xárene Eskandar
Xárene Eskandar@xarene_eskandar
Love how better typography is incorporated. New management tools give a lot of control. All my 10+ sites are built on Cargo!
David A. Lindahl
David A. Lindahl@austriker27 · web dev | into design & startups
@xarene_eskandar Im curious, what 10+ sites have you built with cargo?
Andu Potorac
Andu Potorac@andupotorac · Founder at Widgetic
I've said it before, I'll say it again: this is the best site builder. It's not the most popular, or the most feature stacked. It's the best when speaking about UI & UX. There's a huge list of such platforms and I'm very much aware of most ( so I am confident this affirmation I made above stands.
Lucian Föhr
Lucian Föhr@lucianfohr · Co-Founder, Ello
Looks amazing. Congrats to the Cargo team.