Snapchat for postcards

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Hi Product Hunt, and thanks for hunting us, Alex! Cardpop is a fun app to design and mail real postcards worldwide. We like to call it Snapchat for postcards because the design experience is what makes Cardpop fun and simple. You can add large text and custom stickers to enhance your postcards. In the near future, we’ll even be rolling out custom geo stickers based on where you took the photo. While traveling abroad for parts of 2016, I became obsessed with Snapchat because it was a fun, creative way to share my daily travel adventures. This ultimately led me to want to send friends and family similar fun memories in a more ‘durable’ format. Enter Cardpop :) We’re offering all hunters $1 US postcards with the promo code launchparty If you’re on Android, don’t worry. We’re already working on bringing Cardpop to Android in the next few months. You can signup for the beta via the website. Looking forward to your feedback!
Quick GIF of Cardpop. Not sure how to get it to show the thumbnail though :(
Definitely don't download this app. Save yourself the addiction. Once you start sending Cardpops, it just becomes a tough habit to kick and you spiral out of control. Before you know it, you, all your friends and all your relatives will have postcards randomly showing up in your mailbox. Heed my warning: Sincerely, Recovering Cardpopper
I frigging love this product. It does exactly what it says on the tin - send postcards from photos I've taken straight from my iPhone. I'm an ex-pat living in the US, so I don't manage to see my family much. I've been sending my grandmother and parents Cardpops in the mail, and they love them (especially as they're not savvy enough to use Facebook). Great way to keep in touch with family and send the occasional thank-you note to friends.
I was lucky enough to beta test Cardpop and see it in action. It's perfect for your next trip abroad!
This looks great! Whats the turnaround time for postcards?
@frankdenbow Thanks, Frank! We cite 5-7 days in the US, and 2-3 weeks outside of the US. From what I've seen, the US average is ~6 days, and abroad is ~2 weeks.