Cardiogram 2.0

Organizing heart rate data, making it meaningful and useful

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! ๐Ÿ†
With a $2M seed round, Cardiogram just launched v2.0 and launched what they call โ€œan app store for habits,โ€ in which it features apps for guided meditation, or physical and mental health exercises, which the startup believes will help its users improve or maintain good heart health.
Brandon Ballinger
Co-Founder at Cardiogram
Thank you Chris. We hope you all like the new Habits feature! Much of what you're seeing was designed and built by @tehKaiyu, with @johnsonhsieh and @stephaniejyee. For those new to Cardiogram, we organize your heart rate data on both your phone and Apple Watch. On the Watch, you can see a live heart rate chart in the dock and a heart rate complication on your watchface. On the phone, you can see more detailed metrics, like whether a stressful meeting caused your heart rate to spike at 3pm or how your resting heart rate is trending over time. Behind the app, we're also working with UCSF Cardiology to save lives using wearable heart rate data. The first application is detecting the most common abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation: If anybody has questions, please pipe up!
@bballinger How is this compared to HeartWatch?
Steven LawRadio DJ, Web develop, Infosec Fan
Love this app, especially the feature checking heart rate peaks and asking what I was up to. Can turn on continuous recording from watch app. So much more than that, I am still discovering. Well done guys!