The world's first autonomous surveillance drone for home

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Alexander —
I'm not so sure about this. There's a discussion on reddit, someone said:

'Everything about this is wrong. There is nothing on the site other than a single CAD model and a few absurd claims, but you can already "pre-order" it for over $4000.

The website is just full of lies.

20 minute flight time? Those props look less than 4". The weight is "less than 2kg", which I can assume means it's quite close to 2kg. I would be surprised if it flew for more than 30 seconds. A 4" quad that weighs 0.2kg is lucky to get 8 minutes of flight time, right?.

"take a look around the property with photos/video in less than 2 minutes". So it has the computer vision capability to map and patrol an entire home in 120 seconds. If they could make a system with that capability they wouldn't be selling it here.

"Video Stabilized on 3-axis". That gimbal is clearly a 2-axis model.

I'm tired of these ridiculous claims misrepresenting the technology.

This is either a scam or a marketing course project. It was submitted in r/drones and r/startups by a user who has pitched it before, so I'm definitely leaning towards the former.

If you go to indiegogo and search "drone" you'll find dozens of projects that got tens of thousands or even millions in funding with comment sections demanding refunds.'
Karl Kloppenborg — CTO, LogicSaaS
@alexandercitt Awesome points
Karl Kloppenborg — CTO, LogicSaaS
"Cardinal Drone prevents you and the family in case of intrusion in your house" - someone needs to proofread.

Honestly though - what does this actually solve and how? There's nothing listed on this website that aims to provide a value proposition.

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