The world's first autonomous surveillance drone for home

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@alexandercitt · Citt.me
I'm not so sure about this. There's a discussion on reddit, someone said: 'Everything about this is wrong. There is nothing on the site other than a single CAD model and a few absurd claims, but you can already "pre-order" it for over $4000. The website is just full of lies. 20 minute flight time? Those props look less than 4". The weight is "less than 2k… See more
Karl Kloppenborg
@karlkloppenborg · CTO, LogicSaaS
"Cardinal Drone prevents you and the family in case of intrusion in your house" - someone needs to proofread. Honestly though - what does this actually solve and how? There's nothing listed on this website that aims to provide a value proposition. --Karl.
Travis Tedford
@airem23 · Digital Product Manager and Marketing
So, take a look at Similar section on this Product Hunt and you should see another Drone called Lily. The one that you throw in the air and it follows you automatically. I'm on mobile but the websites share an uncanny resemblance and the copy in some areas is a word for word steal. Example being the optics section: Lily: Lily's optics are finely tuned to ca… See more
Serge Smalko
@sergesmalko · Liberwing
Is there a gun as an option? :)
Jonathan Caras
@madcapslaugh · COO Co-Founder Glide
I own about a dozen drones. there are many things about this product that make me suspicious of the feasibility.