Car Assistant dApp

Private and secure way to track your car's fuel consumption

This app enables car owners to track and improve their fuel consumption. They can achieve this by entering their mileage and amount of fuel regularly when they refuel at a gas station. The app will calculate and track their fuel consumption rate automatically.
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This app encrypts and stores all user data on the blockchain. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Well done! Looks good. I'll try it out. Can I use this app to track my car maintenance activities as well?
Thanks, @nadiakaloyanova1! Currently the main functionality is around fuel consumption. I am planning to add the capability to track important maintenance work on your car in the future.
Curious about your customer validation stories that convinced you that people care about privacy when sharing how much fuel their car consumes.
Hi @sarjun, just fuel consumption alone is not sensitive data. However in our app you share much more - how often you refuel, how much you refuel, and in the future - when you should renew your driving licence, when is your insurance expiring, when you should perform vehicle maintenance service, etc. We feel that this kind of data deserves a level of privacy. There are plenty of tech giants that would love to have this kind of data about you, if you want to share it with them.