Simple, smart, and affordable contact management

Built with small and growing teams in mind Capture is the only app your team will need for managing both contacts and sales leads. Capture includes smart introductions so ever time you add a contact or lead Capture will send them your contact details, removing the need for business cars.

@oliedis hey Oli! Tell us about Capture. What features should we check out?
@ems_hodge Hey Emily, Capture is an app I built with my small team at AppLaunch to make it super easy for teams to store and share contacts and leads. We built it because my own troubles finding something for my team to gather and share leads, and later contacts, with one another in a way that was both simple, effective, and felt nice to use. We built the app for ourselves and for a couple of friends that wanted to use it but quickly found lots of companies asking if they could get a copy. So we rebuilt the backend to allow any team to sign up and use the app and created a pricing structure that made our service affordable for companies of all sizes. I also didn't want to have to carry business cards with me because, to be completely honest, I was always losing them. So we built something called 'Introductions' into Capture. When you add someone into Capture you can send them an Introduction. An Introduction is a short but sweet email that gives your new contact your own contact details - meaning you no longer need credit cards and helps when following up if they're a lead. We'd love any feedback people have, this is just the beginning and we have lots of other cool things in the works for Capture.