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Create on-brand captions for your video instantly!

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2019
Create on-brand captions for your video instantly!
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Hey PH folks! We launched Typito a couple of years ago to simplify video storytelling for everyone. Growing stronger by the day, we are serving 80K users across marketing teams, influencers, nonprofits, ad agencies and digital journalist houses with a fast and easy way to create social media videos. If you are targeting businesses as part of your marketing strategy, you cannot ignore LinkedIn Videos. They are now catching fire, quite literally! Native videos on LinkedIn are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among your target customers. Now knowing that approximately 80% of social media videos are played with sound off, captions become mission-critical. Today we are excited to launch 'Captions by Typito'. A new and refreshing way to create on-brand captions for your videos instantly! With just a few clicks, you can upload your video and get auto-generated, editable captions in minutes. Quite like magic! You can now build an unforgettable brand on LinkedIn with captions using your own font type, size, and color. We are super excited to see you try it out and can't wait for your feedback. Thanks to @jijosunny for hunting us! Cheers! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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What languages do you support?
@aditi_sinha1 We are launching instant captions with automatic 'speech to text' for English language as of now. For any other language, you can upload your own SRT file with timecodes and Typito will support it.
Now that's a very useful feature. I am guessing this comes with your higher plan? Excited to try it out and see what happens to the 'ummm', 'hmms' and 'you knows'. Keep the great work going guys!
@mohita_nagpal Captions are available in all paid plans. Enabled access to your account as well :) Can't wait for your feedback. And for the mmms and hmmm's Matthew McConaughey says it best:
Have been using Typito for quite some time. And I must say this feature was much needed. However, do I have to add the captions manually or do you provide a way to convert speech to text? Conversion of Speech to text would be a killer provision to this feature.
@pratiksha_dake Hey Pratiksha! Thanks for sharing your love for Typito. You can add captions using any of the following methods: 1. Automatic speech to text: Just like you asked for. It creates captions automatically once you upload the video. The captions will be editable. 2. Upload your SRT file: You can upload your SRT file with timecodes. Typito will create the text overlays and place them through the video appropriately. Like above, these captions are editable. 3. Add manually: Here you add each caption manually and type the words out and time them individually. Do give it a spin. Looking forward to your feedback.
What an easy way to create captions. Great !
@mikedane7 Isn't it :) Thanks and looking forward to your feedback as you use it. Do reach out to us on live chat if you got questions/need help with a demo.