Say, show, share. Create a 60 second captioned video.


Captioned is a new video creation app. Create addictive 60-second videos where your audio is complemented with a stream of images, GIFs, selfies, and more.

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12 Reviews5.0/5

This is such a fun app. Download it to create or just watch what people are making.


I looooove making capts! Super fun/easy. It's hard not to be funny with such a good palette.


More people!!!


You should definitely try it out, it’s an awesome app to unlock your creativity and make really cool videos to share on social, build your vlogging empire, etc.


Captioned is super dope — you can make really cool and different kinds of videos easily right on your phone, using gifs & other visuals!


This app is really one of a kind and there isn’t an alternative to it

I love the product and am super psyched to see what people create <3


- Watch @fat's videos...will make you laugh out loud

- Creation super friendly and fun

- Reminds me of early Vine days


- Adapted from Bumpers, so still some vestiges of that, but I'm 100% sure they'll be cleaning stuff up in the coming weeks