The no paperwork, no hassle 401k

Hey Product Hunt! I'm Roger, one of the founders of Captain401. Would love to answer any questions about how we're making 401k's more accessible for startups and small businesses, and helping employees earn more for their retirement. My co-founder Paul and I started working on this because we both had bad experiences with 401k's. As an employer at my last startup, I kept putting off setting one up because of all the hassle involved. As an employee, Paul was frustrated by the archaic web interface of traditional 401k providers and overwhelmed by the task of choosing investments. We're hoping to improve this outdated industry.
@roger_lee Awesome idea, and hopefully this will lead to more small company's providing 401k plans. How do costs compare for a similar sized small startup with Captain401 vs. Vanguard as an administrator (not that their UI is great)? Do you offer Roth 401ks as well as traditional?
@simonmosk @roger_lee Yes, we offer Roth 401ks! Our prices are competitive, reach out to and we'll go more into detail.
@roger_lee As someone who has gone through the pain of this multiple times, love what you are building. Whats the best way to connect offline? Thanks!
@arjunram Hey Arjun! Just email I'll look out for your email
@roger_lee sounds good. Where are you folks based?
Captain401 is building the perfect 401k plan for startups. There's no paperwork involved, and they can automatically pull data from payroll providers and, if you use it, Zenefits. Startups usually put off starting a 401k plan because of the expense and ongoing pain of administration, but these guys have made it painless and cheap. It's also great for employees. Their 401k plans are full of high quality Vanguard funds, which offer low fees and excellent diversification. They also can opt to use Captain401's automated investment advising, which makes managing your 401k fully automatic. They're in the the current (S15) batch of Y Combinator, and we think they're going to be an important part of the new integrated HR ecosystem, along with previous YC companies Zenefits and ZenPayroll.
Great idea! I'll have to check this out
@automin congrats on the latest project Paul. seems like a solid idea
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack! Great to hear from you again
This is fantastic!