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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 05, 2015
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Very cool, super simple little app. I'm going to send myself a Capsule for the end of the year so I can remember how quickly I abandoned my New Years resolutions.
This is really cool. It's so much easier to text a reminder (as opposed to setting a Google Reminder or using another app) because we're all so accustomed to texting. It's like second nature..keep up the great work!
@misteryu1029 our thoughts exactly! Thanks, Kevin.
Have always found scheduled emails so useful for just the right time. Since SMS is so strong in eliciting a response, this is perfect for reaching out at the perfect time. Scheduling thoughtful birthday notes, anniversaries and other important dates come to mind immediately.
@shacheng definitely a good point, I think we're all so used to using text that this ends up being a great solution to making sure someone sees your reminder/timed message and can respond easily if need be
Neat idea, reminds me of @thetylerhayes' Slapshot an app to quickly email yourself reminders 12 hours later, or Flashgap, an app to share last night's embarrassing photos. :) Capsule could be useful for reminding yourself of new year's resolutions.
@thetylerhayes @rrhoover Ah, nice use case for the New Year's resolutions! :D
@rrhoover @bradwiatr "relive tonight's shame tomorrow" sounds a lot like Slapshot's original motto "Drunk email yourself" ;) Great minds etc etc
Thanks to everyone for checking out Capsule! I'm one of the co-founders on the project and we're trying to field as much feedback as possible. Features, bugs, suggestions, we want to hear it. Capsule's just a really easy way to schedule texts, pictures, and videos to your existing contacts. It was important to us that the recipients don't have to have the app so the user can easily use it without needing to recruit people. As far as future builds, we're looking at some premium features that we're soliciting feedback for like having recurring messages, customizable signatures, etc but again we're all ears based on what our early users are saying so feel free to email or send something through the app.