Glassdoor for SaaS pricing

#1 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2019
SaaS pricing is opaque and complex, increasingly hidden behind enterprise pricing and sales calls. It’s impossible to know what software really costs.
We're building a price transparency community to level the playing field.
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Hi all! We've been working hard to create a better way for people to know what SaaS products actually cost. Tons of products use opaque pricing, A/B testing, complex tiers/packages, special treatment, and all sorts of other things that lead to huge ranges in the amount customers are actually paying. On Capiche, you can anonymously share your pricing stories: how much you pay, how you negotiated, what your initial quote was, workarounds you used to keep the price low, and lots more. Our goal is to level the playing field. Next time you're buying software, you'll know if you're paying a fair price. Happy to answer any questions!
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@awwstn A bit misleading in the sign up flow. I would have expected to have access to other reviews after taking the time to share mine. When will I be able to see other reviews?
@awwstn @mike_seekwell I agree, for those of us that don't have three compelling pricing stores we can write a paragraph about, the tool is not useable.
@awwstn We ran several Pricing benchmark experiments at Siftery to some fascinating results. Interesting to see the approach taken by Capiche. Best of luck with this initiative - you will run into some interesting challenges pretty soon.
Awesome idea - great examples of the value in other industries, would love to skip the sales funnel bullshit in software.
How do I enter products that aren’t in the database yet? I can only select existing products from a searchfield. If I enter new, it says: Choose at least 3...
@hungryjos Sorry about that—working to add a way to submit new apps. For now, email us at and we'll get it added. And thank you for checking it out!
I absolutely love this idea! Amazing job, guys! Great to see you launch.
@dmitrykotlyarenko Glad to hear that, thank you!
What a good idea ! 👏🏻