Canned Emails

A minimal site with prewritten emails

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2015
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Great idea. As a guy who doesn't use an email app, the mailto: link is a bummer for me.
@adamd If you use chrome, you can make mailto links open gmail.
The maker behind Canned Emails was great. I reached out asking for a new canned email and had a response within 5 minutes.
@briancurliss Same with me! @hnshah is David on Product Hunt? The guy is awesome!
@briancurliss @hnshah @johnhaden Thanks! I'm on now! :)
I have over 150 canned responses; this is great for "refresh" content. I rather not get called out for using a canned response. :)
@nadia_yun By any chance you can share those canned responses? Thank you either way!
Helpful idea. Saves time and especially people, who's English is not perfect, will appreciate these prewritten phrasing...
I like how prewritten emails help to speed up the process of thinking of what to type and sending/replying emails. However, I feel that it lacks the personal touch which can be important in some instances. Nevertheless, these prewritten emails can be a good basis to start. Personal messages can be included thereafter by the sender :)