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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2015

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Hello Product Hunters! Today we are launching CannabisMD, a new service for on demand medical marijuana card evaluations. We will send a doctor to your home to evaluate whether medical marijuana is right for you. We also have a Product Hunt special. You can get $20 off your first order by using this link:
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In my day you had to head down to Venice Beach to a walk-in Doc. Might be worth adding some of the "qualifying ailments" that would make you a good candidate for medical cannabis. Would probably help the success rates on completed recommendations if people were able to easily educate themselves before the consultation.
@peterkimfrank - We've created a quick guide to help patients with educating themselves about qualifying ailments :) For more in-depth information, we're building a patient resource center: We believe very strongly in educating the patient throughout the entire lifecycle of getting a recommendation to choosing the right strains and medication method.
@peterkimfrank Thanks, that is a great suggestion! Here are some of the conditions that medical marijuana can help with: Cancer, Anorexia, AIDS/HIV, Chronic Pain, Spasticity, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Glaucoma, Migraine, Anxiety, Depression, Substance abuse Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Disease, and many more.
@peterkimfrank @rickharrison wait how does THC help with Crohn's disease. Be specific.
@datarade Here's an example study regarding Crohn's -
Rick, What's your email address?
So hypothetically, you could pay $100 to get a doctor to come over and decide medical marijuana is not right for you?
@jeffrey Yes, although we would be glad to help you decide if you think getting an evaluation is worth it. We have started putting together a patient resource center to help answer some questions you may have:
@jeffrey same goes for going to the doctor for an injury but then being told to ice it, charge it to the game
Drugs are cool!