Candy Crush Soda Saga

The sequel to the ridiculously popular Candy Crush series

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First off, I am sorry. This might kill your productivity. Secondly, remember I warned you. Candy Crush was a monstrous hit for, estimated to pull in ~$3.6M in daily revenue according to @eric_seufert's estimates. I'm proud to say I fought the urge to "cheat" (cc @jtzou) by paying to skip but I may have dropped a few curse words, struggling to complete a levels.
@rrhoover @jtzou It has been interesting to see King do well even after the peak of Candy Crush. It revealed pretty impressive MAU growth in its most recent earnings announcement, and even though bookings were down 16% YoY, it beat estimates. I think King's revenues are pretty healthy and it has done a good job of ameliorating fears that it is completely reliant on CCS.
@rrhoover Maybe there needs to be a Productivity Killers Collection soon... (even if it's just this one thing in it).
@AnujAdhiya @rrhoover add Bitcoin Billionaire to that list
So are they going to try to trademark "Soda" this time?
"Candy Crush Soda Saga" is a virtual dentist's wet dream.
When you get involved with freemium games, you are making a deal with the Canadian Devil. "The 'mium' is Latin for 'not really' "