Canary Mail

The best email app for Mac & iPhone

Sorry, this product was removed from the homepage with this note: makers not ready
by Ben Tossell (Community Lead, Product Hunt)

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@t55 · Mac'aholic
Spark, Airmail, Polymail: move over, Canary is here!! One of the best Email apps for the Mac. Maybe even the best. I've been betatesting Canary Mail for ages and it certainly is a delightful app to use. It's got a lot of features for power users and has a whole arsenal of nice subtle touches that make it stand out in the crowd.
Jakub Juszczak
@apertureless · Developer
Finally a mail client with PGP 💘
Been a long time user/tester...member of the 'gang' ;-) Canary gives compelling reasons to ditch all other email clients and I've used most if not all of them...Canary is good looking, user-friendly, intuitive, and constantly being improved. Sohel/Dev are great developers, very responsive, and driven to create the best email client. Kudos!!
@ddrckdesign · Designing brands and things for the inte
Hmm looks very cluttered with icons and colors.
Yiğit Konur
@yigitkonur · Founder @seozeo
Are there any Newton users in here? I'm big fan of them but want to hear about Canary too.