Expedia for Kids Camps and Activities

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This is an interesting idea, and aside from newspapers (or specialized family magazines/newspapers) there's no easy way of finding all the information. Having said that, in a smaller market there just aren't that many things going on. You often have 1 or 2 major centers/places where they have activities and it's not as hard to gather this information. In larger cities that's going to be trickier. It's kind of like using Expedia to fly out of Halifax (where I live). There aren't that many flights or airlines, so you pretty much know what you're going to get. I'd be curious about the economics too - if you charge for a listing it's going to be small (a lot of these camps/services are fairly small), and if you take a cut, it's also pretty small. So scale could be an issue there as well from an economic standpoint. Having said that, most large cities (and the smaller ones too) have weeklies or monthlies targeted directly to parents with *100s* of little ads in them from camps, activities, party places, etc. so there's clearly a need / market for helping these small businesses generate more exposure for themselves.
@byosko Hi Ben! I would like to invite you to take a look at Yuggler, an App that I built to help parents share, discover and plan kids activities. Would love to hear your feedback! Thanks, Thomas
Great idea, @Emmie. Would love to hear what some of the product hunting parents think of this (cc @hnshah, @mijustin, @byosko, @joshelman, @choosenick).
Hey! I've owned a summer camp since 2002 and realized there's a HUGE need for this for parents and companies that offer really cool stuff. Any comments or questions? Anyone even have kids here?
This is a FANTASTIC idea: while I've seen summer camp listing apps before, the ability to schedule and pay for multiple camps in a single site is key. I suspect most parents are like myself: cobbling together a patchwork of summer camps for their kids, and tracking payments and schedules all over the place. Can't wait for this to launch in Seattle!