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#3 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2019
Dashly has done your job. Best marketing automation campaigns and templates are now in one place - and can be launched within 60 seconds.
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Finally! Can I fire my designer now? :D
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@irka_alieva haha, don't share that link with them :)
there is a very convenient popup constructor and prepared popup samples
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@leonid_shuvalov thanks, I hope that it would make work easier with your clients and their project. Wish you all the best with your agency!
Hi, my name's Roman, Marketing at Dashly. We've been into the sphere of marketing automation and funnel optimization for a really long time. Together with hundreds of different users and customers, our team challenged funnels and rocked conversion rates. As the experience grew, we realized how difficult it is to keep secrets. Time to tell the world about everything! We are offering you ready-made campaigns and templates for boosting the funnel. Triggered chat messages, pop-up windows, and email templates - everything you need to raise the key metrics of your funnel. Collect more leads, qualify and nurture them, help them to move to the signup stage, give the best onboarding experience and make them your loyal customers. Find a template - alter it if necessary - and launch. Triggers and audience are already there. Enjoy the performance of automated communication. We are happy to see you grow. What do you mostly do in your business??
Lead generation on the website
Sales automation via leads collection and email sequences
User engagement with triggered messages in the product
Customer support with live chat
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@roman_eaton I'm just the guy behind the webdombot, who holds the HW architecture to ramp it up. Can I fly my art into the background as a faded(ie toned down contrast) image to personalize? I'm insanely busy, so this sounds great.
@wrix2 Hello, thanks for your question. Dashly does not fade it automatically. So you need to fade the image before you upload it to the pop-up background
I like these hints in the comments placeholder that lets me share some more thoughts about the product (thank you, @rrhoover and all @producthunt team). Well, this product is only part of the Dashly ecosystem. Campaigns is about automated communication to set on autopilot the conversion rates and sales process. The rest part of Dashly is about customer service - live-chat, team inbox and analytics tool to see the product usage, customer journey and actionable insights. Next week we will launch even sweeter news.
Good luck, you guys!🎉
Thank you, appreciate your support and beta testing!