American-crafted furniture that assembles in minutes

Jason Tabuzo
Robert Alexander Guterma
Dagny Taggart
  • Pros: 

    Extremely high-quality, very attractive


    Pretty heavy / hard to get boxes into house if you're not home at the time it's delivered

    I did a very thorough review that you can read / watch here

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Brad Sewell
Brad SewellMaker@bradsewell · CEO, Campaign
Hello product hunters! I'm Brad- the Founder and CEO of Campaign. It’s been years in the making and we couldn't be more excited to introduce Campaign to you today. Armed with a strong background in making products, our team set out to redefine the furniture experience. We've designed a living room suite entirely from the ground up. Leveraging modern manufacturing processes we've created a sofa we can mail to you. We created a product we're proud to own and I hope soon you feel the same way too. Jump over to to learn more. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
Nick Frost
Nick Frost@thinker · Growth Manager at
@bradsewell I'm excited to finally see the products and the BEAUTIFUL site! I'll be buying one of the couches soon :) Congrats on the pre-launch!
Jonathon Triest
Jonathon TriestHunter@jtriest · Ludlow Ventures
Assemble in less than three minutes without tools, and it's insanely comfortable. I'm an investor, but before you give me the "obviously you're going to say that" stuff, know that I was super skeptical. I went to visit Brad and his team at their Oakland workshop, easily assembled the couch, then subsequently napped on it for the next hour. I hate Ikea and yet I keep buying their stuff. There hasn't been a good looking, affordable alternative. Now there is. "Incredible quality and next level engineering / manufacturing = the new IKEA."
mpiccinato@mpiccinato · Coding CoFounder | UpTo, Inc.
This looks great. Love the designs and colors. One question though, what is the return policy? And for all that is holy, while I do appreciate the design, please put a menu on the page somewhere so I can skip around and get right to the product info :)
Brad Sewell
Brad SewellMaker@bradsewell · CEO, Campaign
@mpiccinato All pre-orders will include free returns. Thanks for the UX feedback ;) ·
It is funny, in a class of mine, we had actually discussed that ikea's success might have been associated with the appeal of "DIY" and the lack-of-willingness to criticize something you, yourself had assembled over the hours that it took you... Kind of like a "mother's love" for something that otherwise is wrought with imperfections. My professor had published a white-paper on the idea here;
Brad Sewell
Brad SewellMaker@bradsewell · CEO, Campaign
@tardisk_ Yes of course! What a fantastic theory. I had the opportunity to discuss this with Michael Norton at HBS as well! Glad to see a fellow HBS product hunter!