Text animated gifs from your camera

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We created Camoji to let you easily share a moment via text. It's simple and all gesture based. Just tap & hold to record an animated gif. Swipe up to send it via iMessage. Try it out and create your own memes and reaction gifs!
Slick, @jisiguo, @car1os, and team! You've been working on Leo for ~year. Is this just a project or your new focus? Tangent: I'm seeing more startups create "side projects" lately. It's an interesting trend, in part by: 1) Reduced time-to-market. It's easier than ever to build (many) tech products. 2) Desire to learn/experiment. New, off brand products give creators an opportunity to experiment with different design patterns, marketing strategies, and target markets without risk of ruining their existing product/community. Curious to hear other's thoughts on this. cc @mulligan @ShaanVP
@Austin_Broyles congrats, really nicely done. I'm sending my first Camoji now...
@andhugg thanks! do share: #camoji
@Austin_Broyles Hmmm might have to record a new one, the first was only to my wife ;-)
@rrhoover i think you're referring to @screenshotter .. We built that as an internal tool to use and just released it so other people could use it too. It's not really an active project or something we'd ever anticipate focusing on. So it's a bit different in our case.. This app looks awesome. Super psyched for the @LeoMe team!
@rrhoover Camoji started off as an experimental project, but it ended up being more compelling than we had anticipated and is our main focus right now. Playing with the design and interactions was a fun process. We distilled the product down to the simplest form we could, making the main flow (record and send) just two gestures. In the vein of experimenting, aside from the fun UX interactions, I wrote the original version in Swift, Apple's new programming language, and then ported it to Objective C for launch :)
Thanks for all the support today!
@austin_broyles dude nice evolution of your work on Leo!
@car1os @jisiguo @Austin_Broyles this is dope! the inline animation looks really nice.