The mobile app for eSports betting and live stats

Camelot is a mobile app for eSports betting. It gives fans easy access to rich stats and live updates, along with an elegant interface to bet against friends.


  • Pros: 

    So easy to use. LOVE IT <3



    Would recommend Camelot to all my friends!

    Joy Jin has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    User interface is gorgeous and app is easy to use!!




    Casey Zhang has used this product for one week.


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Melissa Yu
Melissa YuMaker@melissayu · | Harvard CS, 2019.
Hey PH! Psyched to be here! I’m one of the creators of Camelot, a mobile app for eSports betting + live stats. This is something we’ve always wanted as gamers ourselves, and we’re excited to share this with you all today. Camelot is an iOS app for viewing detailed stats + ratings for pro eSports players + teams and making bets using in-app currency (no real money involved). You can form friend groups in the app to bet against each other in private pools and compete on internal leaderboards. We’re starting with League of Legends but plan to add other games including Fortnite, Overwatch, etc. soon. We just launched on the app store yesterday and would love to hear your honest feedback on the product! Happy to answer any questions through the comments below, and thanks again y’all :)
Scott Davis
Scott Davis@the_scott_davis · Expert iOS Developer
This is great, I love it.... BUT.... if you can't register a DUNS number and make a company Apple account it doesn't leave a lot of warm & fuzzies about trust and account security (especially since you are talking about exchanging funds for betting purposes)
Jesse Zhang
Jesse ZhangMaker@emptycrown · CS student, Harvard '18
@the_scott_davis Hey Scott! That's a good point - we're in the process for transitioning the account over since we recently got our DUNS number. Apparently this has to be down manually through Apple's customer support. Thanks for the feedback!
Xiaoli Zhang
Xiaoli Zhang@xiaoli_zhang
Wow, interesting!
Melissa Yu
Melissa YuMaker@melissayu · | Harvard CS, 2019.
@xiaoli_zhang Thanks, hope you're liking the product so far!
Arsen Hakobian
Arsen Hakobian@arsen_hakobian · Advertising Coordinator
Melissa Yu
Melissa YuMaker@melissayu · | Harvard CS, 2019.
@arsen_hakobian Appreciate it! Feel free to reach out :)
Kristi Jencks
Kristi Jencks@kristi_jencks · Software Tester
Such a great app. Live updates makes it easier for betting. Loved the interface.
Matthew Huang
Matthew HuangMaker@greendog77 · Harvard Student, 2019
@kristi_jencks Thank you Kristi, glad you're enjoying things!