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Hey Product Hunters! @genadyo and I built this app for Caltrain when we realized there weren't a lot of great options out there for commuters. We created a clean and clear app with features that everyone will love. Real-time train delays, alerts, a super fast planner, ability to set your home/work stations, and more! If you live in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, it's an absolute must download! Give it a try and let us know what you think.
@javinladish @genadyo Looks nice but it crashes when i select a scheduled time. I chose SF to 22nd St. then tried to select a time. FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't live in SF so perhaps this route isn't possible. Other combinations work though. Great job!
@jaybroni @javinladish Hi Jay, Thank for the feedback! I'm already investigating it and it will be fixed soon.
@javinladish @genadyo this is dope. lived here my entire life and this was much needed. thanks!!
Been watching this come together over the last few weeks via Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat! Used to have a similar app for UK Train Times and this looks just as simple. Gets right to the times with a super easy to use interface and love you can use your location to set the starting station.
@genadyo sorry. It's still crashing. this time when I select SF for the starting point, then 22nd st. for the destination, it crashes.
@jaybroni You are the best.