Add contacts to your iPhone's home screen, then tap to call

CallMeIcons is a tool to create icons of your favorite people and add them to your iPhone’s home screen. Then just tap the icons to call.

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I wanted to add my friends and family as icons on my iPhone’s home screen, but I discovered there isn’t a built-in way to do this on iOS. Solution: I built to make this possible. When you want to call your favorite people, just tap on their very own icon from your home screen. No fumbling through your phone or asking Siri (we all know she can’t always understand our mumbling). Features: - Simple web-based tool - No app to install on your phone - Create a picture icon (the funnier the picture, the better) - Or pick one of our icons - No cellphone data usage - No data is stored/kept - Completely FREE This is my first PH product. I hope you like it and find it useful! Website: Photo Credit:
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@mike_suel Seems like it would be useful for multiple scenarios, though if you have a looot of different contacts it would simply be a mess haha. Nice one nonetheless :)
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@tcodinat Thanks! Agree, probably best for just a handful of your closest friends/family.
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@tcodinat @mike_suel Perfect for grandparents!
@mike_suel I really like the idea of having my nearest and dearests faces on my home screen, to cheer me up and remind me to call them more often.
I've actually added my kiddos pictures as icons just because it brings a smile to my face when I look at my phone a million times a day! Thanks for the comment. @abadesi
Wow can any hack which solves some problem be so simple? :D Great work @Mike_Suel
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Thanks @evivz! Appreciate the feedback.
Good work guys. Apple should have added this feature a long time ago.
You're right about that @bitrewards. Thanks!
@jenya_kazaryan Don't worry, when they see this, they will do what they always do, make independent developers obsolete!
Very nice! I could also see it being used for work purposes. I’m an IT professional and have to dial a few phone numbers a lot...why not add a shortcut? Makes sense to me!
Perfect use case @alexsmacd1! Thanks for the feedback.