CallList by CallYak is a productivity tool to automate your outgoing calls. Add contacts to a list, hit play, and the sms chat bot will verify availability before connecting the call. Use it between meetings, during blocked time, or commutes.

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Maker here - will be releasing an android version soon :) - I've limited this to just the US store for now with intent to expand this later on.
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Also - being transparent on feedback/requests we've received and what we are looking at adding. 1. Give people a way to book a slot and get on my list. 2. Video! Give me video if people use a companion app. 3. Transcribe my call, send me a text summary. 4. International, please allow non US users to use this 5. Can we figure out how to make this work in background mode? 6. Can we do group calls? like standups? on a schedule?