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Here is a list of features we might implement in the future: 1. Notification bar 2. Newsletter sign up form 3. Static HTML blocks (embeds) 4. Favicon file picker 5. Google Analytics tracking code What do you guys think?
@igs013 Don't forget about a search bar
Hi Product Hunt! Thanks @neerajt4 for hunting! After seeing all the issues Wordpress is having (vulnerabilities, creepy plugins, etc) we looked for a more sane alternative. Soon enough we found Ghost - a simple blogging platform with an extremely nice backend. The only challenge we faced was the need to go back into the code everytime we wanted to change something. We were shocked to see that Ghost doesn't provide at least a tabel of options that the themes can use ... so we built Calligraphy. Instead of adding an options panel inside Ghost we provide a theme generator. The licence we provide is really simple and tailored for the everyday blogger. We understand that you might want to have multiple blogs at the same time. You just need to buy Calligraphy once and you can use it for all your projects. This is just the beginning of what Calligraphy can be. Would love to hear your feedback and your requests for new features! Happy hunting :)
@deiucanta All the best! :)
This is a good idea—Ghost theme frameworks open up the space to new users. For my site ( I use a theme right now called Ghostion, which is basically Zurb Foundation for Ghost, and it works well … though it hasn't been updated in a long time. Stuff like this makes Ghost better, so cheers!
@shortformernie Thanks for your feedback! Ghost definitely provides a better experience than the other alternatives - we hope it will get even better with tools like ours.
They should definitely add links and explanations about what Ghost is!
I really like this idea. The you will roll in new features that are togglable might be the best part. I have a highly tailored version of a $19 theme right now; as this matures I could see me converting over to Calligraphy.