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Hi all, Co-founder & designer Matt Grantham here. Called it! is a fun social app that's all about capturing the feeling of pure joy when you totally nail a prediction. The app sends daily questions on topics you care about and lets you easily see how your predictions compare to the crowd. We'll automatically track these predictions for you and let you know when you get them right. You're also free to make custom predictions about anything! We'll remind you when they're due. Every prediction gets it's own web page to make sharing to other social networks a breeze. Get predictions right and engage with the community to level up and become the ultimate visionary!
Looks like a secret input source for a prediction market to me! A la "The Wisdom of Crowds"
Congrats on the Launch, I've been following CalledIt for a few weeks now. Great team and a great idea.
Congratulations on the launch guys! Would you mind sharing some examples of the types of predictions you think Called It is best at tracking?
@Mike Murchison - The most popular predictions seem to be those long-shots that people nail weeks or even months before the outcome is known. For example one of our early beta users called Jason Day's epic PGA Championship win well before it was a real possibility. It's also really interesting seeing engagement from the daily questions we send. It's a great way to stay on top of the latest on topics you care about while adding your own two cents and seeing how your outlook compares to the community. @benburns - We've seen a lot of interest from various prediction market upstarts and it's clear there's some synergy here. Definitely enticed to explore this angle further.