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A power dialer built inside your CRM


Supercharge productivity with's built-in Power Dialer. Reach 60% more leads with less effort. Start a Power Dialer session in just one click then sit back and wait for a connect or work on your daily sales tasks while you wait for the next lead to answer. No fees. No minutes. Make and receive as many calls as you want.

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Roland Ligtenberg
Ryan Robinson
Bill Rice
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  • Roland Ligtenberg
    Roland LigtenbergCo-founder, HouseCall

    Sleek, powerful and easy to use.


    More native integrations

    We've been using since I was the 1st sales person to now well over 100 at Housecall Pro. It's great for high velocity transactional sales and I highly recommend it to all of my colleagues & friends.

    Roland Ligtenberg has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Intuitive and intelligent, love that the dialer prioritizes leads that haven't been called over leads that were called + didn't pick up


    No major cons

    In our time testing the beta, our sales reps' call volume increased by ~20% and our customer success team was able to shift focus to proactive customer outreach vs. simply fielding incoming calls. We've been using for 3 years and this is the most powerful update yet. Can't wait to see the predictive dialer go live!

    Sitora Serverova has used this product for one month.
  • Bill Rice
    Bill RiceFounder,

    Game changer for call efficiency and seamless contact tracking. Love the fact that we can customize, on the fly with Smartviews, call queues


    Can't wait for the predictive part. But, this amps up an already powerful CRM

    We've been using this in the closed beta and fallen more in love with for our sales team. We've used tons of CRMs and dialers, like Five9. This is the perfect blend.

    Bill Rice has used this product for one month.