Calio - Calendar

A Really Good Calendar

Remember that calendar Sunrise that Microsoft bought and closed down?

Calio is a really good calendar. Manage your week and coordinate with the people closest to you.

Live on iOS & Android.

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  • Ravi SharmaFounder and CEO, PoochPlay

    let's you suggest options, let's people choose / vote for time


    Not everyone is on the app yet - but that can be easily solved I guess

    I started using it when we wanted to plan a re-union with my ex-colleagues. We were trying to use a WhatsApp group which turned out as a pain in the neck. Our main issues on W'app group were:

    1. Not everyone spoke up / told what place and time they preferred

    2. Few spoke a LOT

    3. It was difficult to get all suggestions organised (We were 16 of us trying to organise a meetup).

    Someone found Calio and created an event with the top suggestions included, we all voted and actually ended up meeting. We use it regularly since.

    Ravi Sharma has used this product for one year.


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Akke 🧐@thatakke · Mobile tech nerd studying migration
Wow, I actually liked the over-all approach. Especially with brand accounts and interactive events, this can be really a thing. If it allowed me to follow events happening in my town on FB, I could actually finally delete my FB account too, congrats!
Ramy Al-KadhiMaker@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio - Calendar app.
@thatakke Thanks so much. Our brand approach is to make events more personal, so they can live within your own personal calendar, which you can then share with friends. We will start rolling this out at the end of the quarter, so stay tuned! Any other feedback is much appreciated :)
Rob O'Donovan@rjodonovan · Co-Founder & CEO
Big fan!!!
Ramy Al-KadhiMaker@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio - Calendar app.
@rjodonovan Thanks so much Rob!
Ramy Al-KadhiMaker@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio - Calendar app.
Thank you @_jacksmith for your support and hunting us! For those of you who haven’t heard of us. Our drive is what we call ‘The Social Paradox’; that social media was built to bring us closer, but is taking us further away…. We’re a personal calendar with a purpose - helping you manage your time efficiently and do more with your friends. We’re releasing two big features in the coming months to make it the ultimate calendar. Calendar Sync - (Google, Outlook etc) Brand Accounts - Follow brands/artists to keep track off events and buy tickets. Welcome to Calio. We love user feedback, so please bombard us with suggestions! We launched the product with a Street art exhibition around ‘The Social Paradox’ and our obsession with social media. Video here: For those in London we’ll be throwing a bunch of events so stay in touch. Soon, across the world! Co-Founders, Latif Baluch & Ramy Al-Kadhi
Klauss Andrei@klauss · Veurker
@_jacksmith @ramy_alkadhi Hey Ramy, how can I follow you ? I live in London too!
Ramy Al-KadhiMaker@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio - Calendar app.
@klauss feel free to follow on PH, Insta and Twitter. All my info is there.
Downloaded the app a few days ago and love it so far...
Ramy Al-KadhiMaker@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio - Calendar app.
@razkarmi Thanks so much Raz!
Abadesi@abadesi · 🙋🏽‍♀️ Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Hello @latifbaluch1 @andrey88 @mmichellejh @ramy_alkadhi @narayan07feb please tell us more about this project. I'd like to know what you think are the most exciting features. I'm so stuck in my ways with Google Calendar but open to considering alternatives if I feel they add value.
Latif BaluchMaker@latifbaluch1 · Wanted a better calendar. Hate Snapchat.
Hey @abadesi We are very design focused, trying to make a calendar more visually appealing. The big difference with Calio however, is the social/personal element. Connect with friends/family - All users have a profile, allowing you to easily connect with others, and share events. (We feel that Google email invites are so corporate!) Engaging events - Our event pages are much more engaging and interactive. You can add your own picture, get friends to vote for the venue etc. Chats - Every event has its own individual chat for attendees (you don't need a new Whatsapp group every time!) Scheduling - We also have a scheduling feature, so you can send multiple dates/times to the group. Your friends don't need the app - You don't need to force people on to the app! You can send them a link and they can respond online. As @ramy_alkadhi just mentioned we are also launching two new features in the coming months. Cal Sync - So we'll sync with Google, Outlook etc and Facebook Brand Accounts - You can follow your favourite brands/DJS etc to see upcoming events, and buy tickets. Straight to your calendar! Please check it out if you get a chance and we'd love to get your feedback :) Thanks, Co-founders, Latif & Ramy
Abadesi@abadesi · 🙋🏽‍♀️ Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@ramy_alkadhi @latifbaluch1 WOW amazing... convinced me to download :)
Lyondhur@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer Agile/Scrum Coach
@abadesi @ramy_alkadhi @latifbaluch1 quite like the fresh take and approach. Good on you guys. Cheers for a great product. Best of luck.
Ramy Al-KadhiMaker@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio - Calendar app.
@lyondhur thanks so much! We’ve got so much more to come and we’re glad to have you on board.