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#5 Product of the WeekApril 02, 2014

Calendly is a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful scheduling software, which aims to save you time. Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time.

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If I have several google calendars (work, personal, company), I have to use create a new Calendly account per calendar, create a team feature and then merge. I think this use case isn't an edge case at all.

I also want to be able to scroll /highlight entire sections that are open to public to setup meetings, not show all non-booked spots as open. So the visual experience of picking open slots can be better.


Clean Interface, Automating Scheduling


Calendly can connect to one calendar platform per account.

Paid subscriber here (in fact, I believe I was their first paying subscriber!) Simply put, after trying every meeting/call-picker solution out there, Calendly is the best experience for me and the people that book my time. Putting it in '4-Hour Work Week' terms, I've now automated AND outsourced my diary to those that want my time. No more 'calendar tennis' for me.
@therealsjr "calendar tennis" here's an upvote :)
Scheduling meetings is a such a pain (in aggregate) but each individual meeting doesn't take that much effort to coordinate so I never find myself changing my behavior and adopting a tool like this. Anyone use Calendly?
@rrhoover Just wanted to update you on Calendly - I've tried many of the apps out there (too many) with very disappointing results in the past. I needed something though and found it a huge relief to have settled on Setster for quite a while with positive results. Now I don't think that I could live without some booking tool like this. (Spoiler alert: I like Calendly, and went on to write more about my experience and thoughts -- feeling like maybe I should have written a blog post and linked to it instead, maybe I will do that later.) With Setster, I'd say that I still felt the process was not what I'd prefer to put my clients (or friends) through but it was better than all the delays of the back and forth for both sides. I wont go into detail on the pros and cons of Setster only to say that I was definitely paying monthly for it and it got results. I saw was, because that was until you posted Calendly. I signed up for Calendly on July 2nd, it's already become my go to way to book meetings and as a testimony to it's ease of use -- my wife (who likes technology but is resistant to new software normally) joined up and started using it now too. This happened after experiencing it from the end user side of booking an appointment with me the first time. ( Yes, she books on my calendar because it's more reliable than asking me when I'm available haha). The experience on mobile is also very simple, pick from "event types" and select a day (am or pm) and click a time -- then just enter your name/email and it's done. Feels painless, and the interface seems very simple. Probably the most important part, the dev team is very responsive. I've posted suggestions and feedback that's been added to under consideration and planned status within the week that I've been using it already. I believe they are moving to a paid model for multiple and private event types (private event types are great) along with customizable messages per event which would be ideal for the various "hats" I wear in different businesses I'm involved in. I'm confident it would be worth paying for and most likely will be more affordable than the other options I've been using up until now. Is it perfect... maybe not but I find it has been received well already and my wife wasn't the only one from my contacts to setup their own account after their experience booking with me -- so I think that speaks volumes about the ease of use. Sorry this is a lot longer than I had intended but I've been looking for a good solution --- I should thank @bgadoci for posting it! One tip that I think relates to your first comment, is knowing when to use it. For example, I sent an email on Monday to a potential contact -- "I'm available at 2pm tomorrow or after 5pm. If these don't work for you, feel free to book a time later in the week on my calendar here" This way you don't feel like a jerk saying if you want to talk to me you need to go to my link and do the work yourself (I think I saw this discussion on another scheduling app on PH). It seems to be received as a benefit not a ego trip this way. Hope that helps with your own motivation to try something like this out... the biggest part is usually configuring it the first time, Calendly makes this pretty easy too. 2 click to signup (using your Google Account). Then I tend to put a rough schedule of availability into a tool (like 10 am to 10pm) and then use my Google Calendar "available/busy" to manage the other aspects instead of doing "intervals" for things like lunch etc within Calendly. This way I can control those from any devices on my Google Calendar easily to adjust availability or specifics.
@rrhoover I'm a paid subscriber. This is absolutely the best calendar scheduling app I've used so far.
Calendly seems awesome. Easy on the eyes. How does it work with teams? Any reporting tools?
Paid subscriber as well. Hands down the best I've tried.