Calendar and Countdown

A full year calendar with countdown to any number of dates

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Allen Brouwer
Allen BrouwerMaker@allenbrouwer1
Thanks @mingulertok for hunting! Keeping yourself accountable of your time is tricky. But when you have something staring you in the face every day, it puts a little reminder to take action toward that goal. So, this is one reason we've created Calendar & Countdown. A very simple and straight forward tool that lets you set a date(s) in the future and track the days until it is hit. How it works: 1. You pick your important day(s) on the calendar 2. You choose the color and name for this day 3. We help you keep track of how many days are left. Here are 3 of my favorite uses: 1. Product Launch: Use this to keep track and know when your product is about to launch. 2. Business Milestones: Something cool happening in the future that you want to make sure you don't forget. 3. Agile Management: Track multiple tasks and sprints at once and know the span of time between each event. Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, etc. ; Sprint 1, Sprint 2, Sprint 3, etc. Hope this helps you guys! PS: Would love to connect with all of you if you like it. Connect with me :) S/O @cathrynlavery @nathanlatka
kritiHunter@mingulertok · Apps, and books.
I came across this extension just a few days ago, but it's already one of the few I use daily. The year-view is perfect for a bigger picture of things and I've added both countdown events and important dates in the past, which conveniently show up as a negative countdown in the format "x days since". A simple idea but very handy and useful. I'll email the Dev to join here too.
It's really cool how you can customise all those calendars in your smartphone but what about normal paper calendars? Actually it's also possible to make a custom one if you use calendar software - . That way you may add any photos and mark any days.