A fitness tracking app that shames you into exercising

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Hi Product Hunters. Really excited to share CAKEWALK with you! We created CAKEWALK to bring a bit of humor and personality to the fitness app market. Essentially, CAKEWALK motivates you to reach your fitness goals by passing judgement daily on how many steps you took the day before - the lazier you are, the more shame you get! For a bit of “friendly” competition, log in with your Twitter account to compete with your followers for the top spot on the leaderboard. Advance your standing by participating in challenges to up your step count, or pay the $1 fine to skip them completely. Need a bit of extra motivation? Opt to have CAKEWALK publicly shame you on Twitter when you are being extremely lazy! CAKEWALK is now available for free on the App Store for the iPhone 5s or later and Apple Watch. We’d love to hear what you think, and, of course, answer any of your questions. :)
@iamhabitat I'm interested to hear what makes this different from CARROT Fit, which has a very similar approach to exercise.
@tangandhara @iamhabitat Great question. CAKEWALK is a step counting app, so it’s all about encouraging movement rather than weight loss. It also doesn’t dictate how you work out, just encourages you to get the step count up. What’s great about CAKEWALK, is that it’s personalized. Your daily goal is based on your average number of steps over the past week. What we find people really love is the friendly competition aspect - participating in the leaderboard with your Twitter followers is completely optional but is proving to be great motivation for some of our users. CAKEWALK is also free :)
@aerickson14 @tangandhara @iamhabitat I could see the friendly competition working well within an office environment.
@themikefreeman We totally agree! Our company has been beta testing how we can incorporate group based competitions and leaderboards into the app. It has proven to be a popular request and we even had one co-worker spend a meeting walking around the room to get her step count up so she could stay on top of the leaderboard.
@iamhabitat Us losers that still have the iPhone 5 are out of luck here then?
My name is Ben and I'm a walking Cake :( please don't shame me
@bentossell Move dat desk job bod, Ben. ;)
@iamhabitat love the idea of finding ways to create incentives for people to get up and move. Frankly there is nothing like a little friendly competition and fear that you will be shamed on Twitter. :-) That being said, daily judgment and buying your way out of being shamed...I'm curious who your target market is or what the profile is of your power users?
@corleyh Great questions Corley. Our initial target market would be those who are looking for that extra push to be more active, but our power users are really those driven by competition. In our beta tests, we found the most engaged users are those who are on average more active than their peers. We also found that in a lot of cases, the app increased fitness levels for "lazy" users as well. 🍰
Really like the look of this. Any plans to bring it to Android?
@koozai_harry Thanks Harry! We're going to gauge interest on iPhone first, but the long term goal is to definitely get onto Android in the future.
Totally cute and a clever spin on motivational apps. Reminds me of The research is mixed on whether or not feelings like shame and guilt can actually trigger positive behavior change. This study suggests yes: but this article on TED speaker Brene Brown suggests that shame can be pretty demotivating -
Thanks for the link @jasonshen. Based on Dr. Brown’s definitions of shame and guilt - guilt being considered “healthy shame” - I guess our tagline would be “a fitness app that guilts you into exercising” 🙂 Our app isn’t focused on "lowering self-esteem (feelings of unworthiness) and behaviors that reinforce that self-image," rather it uses some sarcasm and humor to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Having the leaderboard gamifies the experience and adds in a healthy dose of competition - although this is completely optional. And the fact that a user’s daily step count goals are based on their average number of steps over the past week means it’s completely personalized.