Cake Browser

The world's first swipeable mobile web browser.


Cake Browser is a better web browser for your phone. Cake skips over the search results list to take you straight to the content you want—then you simply swipe to see the next result. No more back-and-forth between a search results page and the result links. Just swipe and go. With Cake at your fingertips, you’ll find more and find it faster.

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I have loved my experience as a beta tester for Cake. Swiping thru results has become second nature, and I've found myself trying to swipe in other browsers and getting frustrated when it doesn't work.

I hope they can get the user adoption they're looking for. An easy way to import data from other browsers would be a great way to help users make the switch.


New way to perform searches and organize my browsing.


There is a learning curve.



Super Quick Searches



Absurdly intuitive, this will totally replace my browser!


Fast fast fast search!


Have not found any.

New concept to perform searches. It is fast and cool.


Fast and Easy


New to use

Swiping to the right for instant alternative results is neat, but if the result is a pretty heavy page, it can make a performance impact.

Gestures can be tricky on pages that contain interactive <canvas> elements. The gesture can cause an action in the app *and* in Cake, which might be unintended.


Very accurate results, Cool UX


Performance, Gestures in certain scenarios

Loading instant results has been good so far, but I guess that wouldn't work too well when I'm in deep research mode (which is something for desktops either way). But the experience has been simple and clean... will keep it on the home screen for now


Simple and easy to use


Needs a bit of learning and getting used to

Oversight on basic features


Cool UX


Bing and Google are the only search engines? Where is DDG or Ecosia?

Hi Chris - we reached out to DDG to add them, but haven't been able to make a connection there. We want to keep adding additional search engines over the next few months. Thanks for the feedback.

This is great if you just want to browse search results, or you don't know exactly what you are looking for.

Many features that other browsers have are missing. Here are a few that I noticed:

- Desktop Mode

- Password Remebering

- Tabs on other devices

- Search for text on the page

- Add to home screen

Great for searching. Not much else.

Definitely not default browser worthy.


Fast preloading search results


Many other browser features missing

I can’t use it on my laptop & iPad, but it is a pretty good browser


Fast and useful


Only on iphone

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I will never use this browser again


A new idea when it comes to searching on Google


Clunky UI Decreased window size (makes it harder to code any website) Terrible, TERRIBLE, advert