Boost your mood and emotional intelligence in one minute

People are stressed out and turning to meditation for help. But meditation isn’t for everyone. Cactus combines guided reflection prompts, a private journal, and intimate sharing to help you live a more fully actualized life. And it’s free.
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Hey Product Hunters! We wanted the benefits of meditation – less anxiety, more calm focus, improved presence – but we each struggled with the actual practice of meditation. We figured there was a better way to practice mindfulness. After working with a positive psychology expert, we built Cactus. - Boost your mood and improve your focus - Guided self-reflection and mindful exercises - Private journal for your private thoughts Cactus provides a daily minute of mindfulness to help you focus on the positive themes in your busy life. Boost your mood and increase your emotional intelligence with Cactus!
I love the design, nice app!
@anna_danilec Thanks, Anna! We couldn't do it without @blackmankatie and the neverending, awesome feedback from the Cactus community.
looks really nice, congrats on the launch!
@alt_nataliya Thank you, Nataliya!
Love the idea! And the design is so lovely🤩. Looking forward for a mobile app version.
@antonina_krus Thank you, Antonina! All design credit goes to the exceptional @blackmankatie + the energetic Cactus community feedback.
Let's go @blackmankatie! Really excited to try Cactus after hearing about the product through @Day1DesignClub!
@blackmankatie @day1designclub @kunalslab Thank you, Kunal. (And yeah, Katie is the best.)