Cache Messenger

Send and receive hidden text messages and photos.

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Cache Messenger is a chat app that lets you hide messages inside other messages. Keep private text and photo messages hidden from snooping friends, parents & shoulder surfers. Hidden messages never show up in your push notifications so you don’t have to worry when someone is looking at your phone.

Busayo Ogunsanya
  • Busayo Ogunsanya
    Busayo OgunsanyaEntreprenuer

    I love the design and use of new technology!


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    Cache messenger is a truly exciting messenge platform. I can share private texts and images to friends and family. Furthermore, I see more use cases for the platform that I believe will be rolled out in coming months.

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Colin Horsford
Colin HorsfordMaker@colinhorsford · Founder of Cache Messenger
Hi PH! Colin, the founder of Cache Messenger here. I spent the last year learning to code and developing Cache and I’m so excited for everyone to try it out. The idea for Cache came to me one night on the subway when I laughed at a text I received and the guy next to me looked at my screen. That has always been a pet peeve of mine and I'm sure for a lot of others as well so I decided to do something about it. Cache lets you text like a regular chat app but now you can embed messages inside other messages. When you add a double slash ( // ) to a message, any text or photos that follow the double slash will get hidden from the screen and will only be shown when a user presses on the displayed message. It is a cool way to hide messages and have private chats. HOW TO HIDE MESSAGES: 1. Type a regular message 2. Add // (two slashes) 3. Add the message or photo you want hidden 4. Hit Send 5. Press (not tap) on the message to display the hidden message inside This is the first major app that I've released so I would love to hear your feedback on the design, UI/UX, and the overall concept. Thanks for checking it out! Android version coming soon.
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
I love the concept behind this app, and also the term 'shoulder surfers' which I'd never heard before but have definitely experienced! How do you plan to protect users' message data? I could imagine some saucy stuff being sent in the hidden messages 😜
Colin Horsford
Colin HorsfordMaker@colinhorsford · Founder of Cache Messenger
@abadesi Thanks for your feedback. I've been the victim of shoulder surfing many times and it always annoys me. As for your question, all messaging data is stored on an encrypted database.