Cabin - Family App

A family app that lets you share, plan & stay connected.

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Hello, Today, staying genuinely connected with the ones you love is harder than ever before. But rather than kidding ourselves into believing that we’ll all be home for dinner every night at six, we think there’s smarter way to stay close. We call it Cabin. With this private, mobile app your family/friends are always with you, no matter where they are. You can share photos, audio, and notes; keep a running list of To-Do’s, tasks and important dates; and even pinpoint exactly where everyone is.
@johnknyc App looks super slick and love the cross platform support. On top of the To-Do's, I'd LOVE to see a planner/calendar added in. No one seems to really have nailed an easy to use family-based calendar yet and I feel looking at the other features you could possibly be the one to do so.
@zaccoffman thanks. I agree with you, this feature is something we are thinking about.
@johnknyc how do you think about differentiating yourself from Life360? They seem to be killing it in the "family circle"
@johnknyc @jasonostrander Just downloaded it. Family is still asleep, so don't have anyone to try it with yet, so I've assigned myself a bunch of reminders :-) Slick interface, sharp interface, simple UX. So far, so good. The family locator feature - which carriers like Sprint charge $5/mo for - is free here (and, of course, slightly creepy here, too). What I'd love to see, based on my family situation (dad, mom, two kids under 12 who don't have smartphones yet , but have iPads): A calendar (echoing @ZacCoffman)- otherwise, we still have to use GoogleCal, so makes it less likely we'll use this; a web interface for the kids - yes, they can use it on iPad at home, but at school and elsewhere, they are more likely to be on a browser. Since I started typing, @RoopaOnline has woken up and is now shoulder-surfing. She immediately saw the value in this as a honey do list. Also, she says she'll keep paying for the Sprint Family Locator because Cabin won't work on the kids' non-smartphones. BTW, she and I still use the Couple app - social networking for two :-) We'll test Cabin out today and let y'all know how it goes.
Hey everyone, lead Android dev here if anyone has any questions on how Cabin works!