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Hello everybody and thanks for the hunt Bram! We're thrilled to introduce Bynd to the world. Our App is a productivity tool, which bundles all your favorite feeds into one central hub. Our longterm goal is to fight against the daily information overload and provide you the most efficient way of consuming relevant content! With version 2.0. you can bundle Designer News, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, YouTube and up to 60 different News channels such as BBC and New York Times! I’ll be doing a Q&A throughout the day :). Happy to answer all of your questions!
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Looks vaguely similar to one of the first apps I downloaded (I think) from PH, 2 years ago Called Dull - you essentially say what services you want collated into the one feed. How does Bynd compare?
@bentossell good question! First of all we don't display ads. In addition to that, in the app itself only YOU choose which person or site to follow. The aspect of human-curated feeds is really important for us. After you've done that, Bynd display everything unfiltered. Dull is great, but more of a game. Bynd is a tool and the main goal is time-saving.
@bentossell Also reminds me of Panda (usepanda). You select all your feeds and it has a customizable viewer to going through them
@evankimbrell Panda is such a great service. Bynd is different though as we are focused on mobile first and not soley on news. For instance, you can crossplatform share news with your Bynd friends.
This is some seriously beautiful app design. A++ @byndapp @bramk
Looks awesome! Congrats to the team!
@sebyddd much appreciated!
Congrats Ömer!