byFax cloud faxing solution

Send and receive faxes online right in you web-browser

It look like an another online fax solution? No! We are brand new, we are faster and we work worldwide, we have attractive cost and nice features
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Looks nice and simple. Just tested - it really works :) I would recommend it!
@sergey_vaninsky Thanks a lot, I appreciate it
Really nice solution to deliver law-powered documents to the other side of the Earth ;)
@new_user_270c34f71c Thank you very much, that is what we are working for!
Hmm, this service has reasonable prices
@new_user_270ff3a4d1 Yep, prices are very good :)
Nice solution! Reasonable prices.
@nastassia_ovchinnikova Thank you very much :)
Very useful when a fax-machine is not on hand
@new_user_273ef3fb35 Thank you very much, Im very glad to know that our product is useful for you. Soon we will start promo-program with bonus credit, cheaper faxin-numbers and plans, please check out site :)