The Email Signatures Manager Made for Saving Time

Bybrand is a business email signature manager made for IT Managers and Marketers. The idea is to save you time in managing your team’s email signatures while providing a stable marketing channel. For save time, it is integrated with G Suite, Zoho, Freshdesk.

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Make email great again 😉 here grab my upvote, Bybrand looks awesome! I would like to offer you to publish an interview about Bybrand at please PM me at for more details
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@startupradius @paul_shuteyev Paul, let's go, yes! Please, just let this day pass 😃
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@bernardocastro No worries, you did a great job! Send me a message tomorrow 😉
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Hey PH, First, thank you Chris Messina @chrismessina for us presentation. I've been working at Bybrand since April 2017, with the focus of making email signature a great marketing channel. In that time, we have made a lot of progress, especially on the part of the builder (no form to fill out), integrations and campaigns. Bybrand is an email signature builder (plus one on the market), but we've tried to be different from the beginning. With a formless builder, using Froala Editor, integrations with email platforms like G Suite, Helpdesk Software like Freshdesk and URL shortener as Bitly for click analysis. The integrations part is our differential, and we did lobby to try to encourage other systems like @Helpscout, Outlook 365, Zendesk (does not accept html signature) to have this option in their respective APIs. The Zoho Desk was one that created the option. Integrations make it very easy to manage email signatures, especially if you are from the marketing area, for example, and you want to make modifications to the email salespeople or co-workers If your business has an API that makes it possible to update email signatures, write to me. I would love to integrate with your app. We still have a lot of ideas: a cool thing that we are going to work on, we give the name "Bybrand assets", that would be to change the image content without changing the link (URL) already in the signature. I invite you to make a free-trial for 14 days, without charge or credit card Write me if you have any ideas or improvements.
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Great job !! 😊 Can it be used for personal mailing ? Any free version available?
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@ayush_chandra When we started, in 2017 Bybrand was Free (first free signatures). I'll tell you, it did not work. At this point we chose to switch to "Free-Trial", with a value of $32/Year (In India (Asia) it is a bit smaller), for small businesses.
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Would you sell your products from the BigCommerce in an email signature?
Yes, good idea!
I don't like the idea!
I could test.
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