Buyer Squad - #buytogether

Social Network for Deals - 100% free to post deals - No Fees

Buyer Squad is a social network for deals. Get followers to send deals or group together with similar buyers to get deals sent directly to you. Businesses can create group deals for local or nationwide coupons, e-commerce items or digital products 100% free.
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Damon Pace
Builder - 🏴‍☠️
Everyone wants free money, yet even if you were giving your target customers $1 million each, you have no way to reach them. It's not a matter of want, but access. Your emails would get blocked, filtered & ignored. Texts get filtered as spam. Social ads require increasing expertise & hacks to be profitable. Posting to your company profile on today's social networks feels pointless amongst the noise. Everyday small businesses & startups don't have the resources to compete online without large amounts of up front capital. Every business should be able to reach target buyers who may want their product for FREE by sending them group deals and letting the buyers earn deeper discounts by recruiting more buyers to the deal. Businesses get access to buyers & earn large amounts of new revenue. Buyers get better prices for products they want. Everyone wins! Buyer Squad is a FREE version of Groupon with no fees or commissions. Applied to more than just local coupons, but also e-commerce items, digital goods, travel, events, software products & more. Group deals need to exist in the world and that's what we're building at Buyer Squad. Join the Product Hunt squad to buy together with other members of Product Hunt -> Feel free to post a deal to Buyer Squad. We don't take a commission or fee. It really is 100% free.