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#2 Product of the MonthJanuary 2018

Buy Me A Coffee help creators receive support from their audience in a friendly manner 🎉

😻Set up a page like this in 2 minutes

💰Accept donations via Paypal, Card & Apple/Android Pay

🎁Reward your supporters with a thank you note or content (they'll love it)

🎨Showcase your goals

New: Coffee Links –– coolest way to sell/share on the internet 💸

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  • Clayton ParkerProdManager|Youtuber|FashionTech|3DPrint

    Super easy to use, quick to setup, goal setting, bitcoin support coming!


    None so far.

    As a content creator on youtube/social media - I think this is a crazy easy way to engage with your audience in a creative way that is a little less like asking for a handout. Really great alternative to patreon as this is a 1 time donation

    Clayton Parker has used this product for one week.
  • Jeffrey CarandangPhpbits Creative Studio

    Super easy to setup and get the page running


    none so far

    Just created my BMC page : and it's working perfectly in no time. Also got my first cup and really happy with it :) Planning on using this page as my donation option for my free WordPress plugins on the directory and hopefully this will lead to more donations. Thanks!

    Jeffrey Carandang has used this product for one day.


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Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder, co-founder here 👋 BMC is a friendly way for creators (bloggers, artists, developers) to receive donations from their audience. Check out some 'Buy Me A Coffee' pages: We have seen the platform used in ways we never imagined. One such is called LittleHandsBigHearts, a small group of people passionate about helping those less fortunate than ourselves on the Island of Bali ️❤️: They raised $250 within 2 weeks! 🎉 (we're waiving any platform fee for all charities). FEATURES: - Exclusive content: Publish supporter-only content on your BuyMeACoffee page to encourage more donations. – Multiple payout options: Paypal and Stripe (direct bank transfer). – One-click payment for supporters. – Showcase your goals and comments left by other supporters. – Beautiful (and customizable) 'Buy me a coffee' button to embed on websites + Wordpress plugin with widgets and stats ( – Domain name 😉They say the domain speaks for itself. – In the pipeline: Wix and Weebly plugin, more payment options (Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay), referral program and much more. BONUS FEATURE: A fully-caffeinated team hailing from 3 different parts of the world (London, Kerala, and SF), working round-the-clock to improve the platform and bring new features 😺 UPDATE: Thanks for the amazing response, PH community! 😻 🙏 We are waiving the 5% platform fee for PH users for LIFETIME! 🎉 We'd also love to be your first supporter. Tweet ( or reply here with your beautiful ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ link (takes less than a minute to set up) to claim it.
Shyjal@shyjal · Founder,
@joseph_sunny This looks great and is waaaay better than slapping a Paypal button, I agree. But isn’t Stripe limited to few countries?
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@shyjal Thanks! You're right, Stripe is only available in 25 countries right now ( Creators from other countries can select Paypal for payout. In fact, 75% of our users prefer Paypal :)
Shyjal@shyjal · Founder,
@joseph_sunny Perfect :) I will definitely try it for my new project.
René Hesse@renehesse · Founder, Editor-in-Chief
@joseph_sunny I have chosen paypal but the user can still only pay by credit card?
mattias.@mattiasd_ · I'm sorry, the card says 'Moops'.
@joseph_sunny Hi there! I love the simplicity of the service, I signed up immediately.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It's like an for donations. Cool idea. I imagine an embeddable version of this could be useful for creators to host on their blog, website, etc. How are people using it so far, @joseph_sunny?
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
Thanks @rrhoover! People are using it in ways we never imagined. One such is called LittleHandsBigHearts, a small group of people passionate about helping those less fortunate than ourselves on the Island of Bali ️❤️: They raised $250 within 2 weeks 🎉 We're waiving any platform fee for all charities. Embeddable buttons – users can generate one from their dashboard (HTML or Image) or use the official WP plugin.
Don The Idea Guy@dontheideaguy · The Idea Department
@joseph_sunny haven't had luck with the WP Plugin. Got a header error on one site and I figured it was a conflict with the theme, so I tried it on another but just get a blank screen on that one when I try to connect my account.
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@dontheideaguy Sorry for the trouble, Don. We are aware of the occasional plugin conflicts. Pushing an update first thing tomorrow to fix this. Meanwhile, please generate the button from your BuyMeACoffee dashboard. UPDATE: We've just pushed an update after crushing all those bugs:
ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.@juliens_me · Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.
Wow, this tool — and the domain name — is such a great idea! Now we can just implement this instead of doing it with crappy Javascript and PayPal API. It's beautifully executed and well designed. Congrats to the makers! :) Here is my profile: 🎉 PS: I found some bugs with emojis (they disappear when the page refresh) ; and more social/currencies options would be much appreciated! ^^
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@juliens_me Thanks, Julien; your comment made our day! 🎉 Emoji appearance issues – we introduced emojis just this week and might have some loose ends that we have to take a look. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're on it. 💯
David Lumm@cyberneticdave · Software Developer
@juliens_me @joseph_sunny can I second more currency options? It would be great to list mine in £ as I'm in the UK. But also be cool if people can switch between £3/$3/€3.
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@cyberneticdave Thanks for the suggestion, David. It was deliberate not to offer multiple currency support. We believe having a unified payment flow will go a long way in improving conversions. Higher conversions = happy creators :) However, we're currently looking into paying creators in their currencies, which will solve half the problem (+ a lot more payment options like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Bitcoin, etc.)
David Lumm@cyberneticdave · Software Developer
@joseph_sunny Oh, I agree! Showing multiple choices to end users would make for a bad UX. I was thinking it would be cool if I could choose which currency my page is displayed in as part of the configuration. I'm assuming that most of my traffic will come from the UK and could be put off thinking that they will be charged a conversion fee by their bank (which may or may not be the case, but people will make snap judgements based on what they see). I'll see what happens with the dollar sign there :-)
J.D. Lindsay@kopahkah
This is brilliant. Almost like a 'Patreon lite'
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@kopahkah Haha, we should use that in our copy. We often see creators using BuyMeACoffee alongside Patreon to fulfill the one-time donation needs.
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
@kopahkah @joseph_sunny Smart use... maybe we should do that with @gethorizonapp (
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@kopahkah @drewmeyers Awesome! 🎉 I had a quick look at your Patreon. Hope you have similar success with BuyMeACoffee :) BTW is available 👌 P.S platform fee associated with your account has been waived; and glad to be the first one to contribute.
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
@kopahkah @joseph_sunny How do we grab that url for our account?
Craig Barber@craigjbarber · Craig Barber
This is great. Love the simplicity of it : )
Joseph SunnyMaker@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@craigjbarber Thanks, Craig. We've tried to keep it minimal from day 1. "Design is how it works" – Jobs.