Loyalty platform for the on-demand economy (pre-launch)

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On-demand services such as Uber, Sprig, and Handy Book are becoming incredibly popular and are used by some people everyday. Looks like Button will be working with these services to let you earn rewards for using them. The rewards can then be redeemed with any of the participating providers.
@GeoffreyWeg the @usebutton team is impressive, ex. Rocket Internet, eBay and Rakuten folks and more so, all-around great folks. I'm excited to see how Button progresses. What's missing in this hunt is their *awesome* rooftop view of NYC: https://twitter.com/ondemandecon...
@daveambrose @GeoffreyWeg agreed, they have an awesome team. Excited to see how they do.
Jaconi and Dudas are both awesome. Big things from Button coming.
Plus, Chris Maddern is one of my favorite humans evar. #justsayin
Thanks all. We're so excited about what we're building and looking forward to sharing our product with all interested folks!
Thanks for the kind words. I can't wait to get our first partners live and start helping mobile businesses to grow!
@chrismaddern @mdudas This looks really interesting. I'm on the product team at Handybook, would love to hear more about your plans - kenny@handybook
@kennethacohen Thanks Kenny! Reaching out now...
@kennethacohen Whoa handybook is awesome! Just signed up
@nbashaw right?! It's amazing what you can get done with a tap of a button these days!
@nbashaw Awesome! Use code KENNETH2457 for some $ off your booking :) Would love to hear your thoughts along the way - kenny@handybook