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Willie Litvack
@willielit · CEO, SquadUP
Working with Button has opened up entirely new revenue opportunities for SquadUP. Their team has a rockstar only policy, their tech will blow your hair back and this is only the beginning...
Harry Raymond
@harryraymond · Founder Drinkeasy, Product Hunt NYC
Big fan of mobile revenue streams that add-value for users. Will definitely explore adding this to our apps.
Samer Hamadeh
@samerham · CEO, Zeel.com
Proud to have @GetZeel in the initial group of @UseButton partners. Nice work @mdudas, @michaeljaconi, and team!
Billy Mauro
@billymauro · eCommerce at aloha.com
Incredible opportunity for the on-demand economy and mobile commerce. Hats off to the team at Button.
Dave Branson Smith
@playswithfood · 96 Problems
Brilliant. How has this not existed until now? I have an immediate use case -- integrate Washio into the Starbucks app so I can pre-order to have that inevitable coffee stain cleaned... 😫