Buttery - Alcohol Delivery

Craft beer, wine & liquor delivery (Boston, Austin, LA)

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Greetings Product Hunters, Good morning from Boston! Gaurav M & Gaurav T here, founders of Buttery! Yes, we both share the same name :) :) We as founders are super passionate about bridging local, retail and technology. As you might know the wine retail business pretty old fashioned in the way it operates - some of the problems that drove us to start Buttery were: For customers, they have no way of knowing products carried by a neighborhood wine store without physically walking in or calling multiple locations and lack of convenience of ordering ahead. Independent wine retailers on the other hand lack any sort of time & technical expertise to put their store online or mobile. Solutions today require tons of manual work & multi-channel inventory management is a nightmare. Through Buttery, we have now put top local wine stores in Boston at your fingertips and made ordering from them dead simple! We can onboard a wine store and put them online in minutes ...which means you will not see a watered down version of a store inventory but their entire catalog. You can choose which local wine store you want to shop at or search for your favorite product across other retail locations and order from there with ease. Wine stores care about their brand too and we have tried to showcase that through our product. My co-founder and I will be here all day answering any questions you guys may have. Happy Sipping :)
Hey @gillianim.. thank you so much for sharing Buttery with the Product Hunt community. We are officially launching in Boston today and are excited to see what the community thinks about. Love to hear any critical feedback or suggestions you may have that can help us improve our product.